ng cli 的命令

addAdds support for an external library to your project.
analyticsConfigures the gathering of Angular CLI usage metrics. See
buildbCompiles an Angular app into an output directory named dist/ at the given output path. Must be executed from within a workspace directory.
configRetrieves or sets Angular configuration values in the angular.json file for the workspace.
deploydInvokes the deploy builder for a specified project or for the default project in the workspace.
docdOpens the official Angular documentation ( in a browser, and searches for a given keyword.
e2eeBuilds and serves an Angular app, then runs end-to-end tests using Protractor.
generategGenerates and/or modifies files based on a schematic.
helpLists available commands and their short descriptions.
lintlRuns linting tools on Angular app code in a given project folder.
newnCreates a new workspace and an initial Angular app.
runRuns an Architect target with an optional custom builder configuration defined in your project.
servesBuilds and serves your app, rebuilding on file changes.
testtRuns unit tests in a project.
updateUpdates your application and its dependencies. See
versionvOutputs Angular CLI version.
xi18nExtracts i18n messages from source code.


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